Wiki This page documents an official ABC Wiki policy.

It is a widely accepted standard that should normally be followed by all editors.

Article layout is to a large extent standardized on ABC Wiki. To improve on the page harmony, all page sections and headings should generally be consistent. Each page should also have an infobox and start with an introductory paragraph that briefly summarizes the subject of the page.

Overall, the following sections should be added in the stipulated order if they are applicable to the article:

  • About the show contains the summary of the show. As it is a more in-depth explanation of the premise of the program, it must always be present on the page as well as being the first heading.
  • Cast sections give an overview of the main actors and characters they play on the show. If there is a more specific wiki on the subject on Fandom, this section will also be used to link to the respective pages on that wiki. The {{CE|<community name>|<Actor name>|<Character name>}} should be used for this.
  • Episodes or Seasons heading: This section is used to give an overview of the series' episodes, or in case there are too many to list, a seasons overview. If you're listing all the episodes, the main heading is Episodes, followed by a Season 1, Season 2 etc heading. If there are more than fifty episodes, switch to displaying the seasons instead, and the main heading becomes Seasons (eg Grey's Anatomy). If a wiki dedicated to the show exists on Fandom, use the {{SE|<community name>|<Episode name>}} template for easy linking.
  • Production section is used to display a short paragraph about the series production process.
  • Gallery section is comprised of the following secondary headings. Do note that the primary goal of this section is to provide enough visual aids to get people excited about the show, not to become a complete image database:
    • Promotional videos: this section holds the trailer for the show—ideally the most recent release, so viewers can easily get to know the series and decide if they would like to watch it. Other promo videos can also be added here as long as they are relevant.
    • Promotional images is a section that holds a collection of promo images, like a secondary show poster or some officially released, high-quality images for the show.
  • See more section is the last on the page. It holds the {{Wiki}} template, which is used to link once more to the more dedicated wiki about the series on Fandom, and the {{ABC}} template, to link to the dedicated page on the show on the official ABC website. Check out the respective templates to discover how to properly use them.

If you have ever any questions, do not hesitate to reach out to an administrator and ask for clarification.

Series page

For series and show pages, the following headings, if needed, should be used in order:

  • About the show
  • Cast
  • Episodes or Seasons
  • Production
  • Gallery
    • Promotional videos
    • Promotional images
  • See more

If you wish to create pages, check out ABC Wiki:Wanted articles for more information and/or just add the ABC show name in the following box and get started:

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