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Wiki.png This page documents an official ABC Wiki policy.

It is a widely accepted standard that should normally be followed by all editors.

Assuming good faith is a cornerstone of the ABC Wiki. It is the belief that all contributions made by a user, be it an edit, a comment, or a Discussion post, are made with good intentions, to help the project rather than harm it. This guideline does not mean that users need to ignore obvious evidence to the contrary (clear vandalism and spam) or that discussion and constructive criticism cannot take place. Assuming good faith means users should not attribute the actions being criticized to malice unless there is specific evidence of malice. Everyone, but especially new users, should be given the benefit of the doubt.

Demonstrate good faith

In addition to assuming good faith, lead by example and encourage others to assume good faith by demonstrating your own good faith. The most obvious way to do this is to communicate clearly. When editing, leave editing summaries that convey the intent of your change and make edits that show your willingness to compromise, interest in improving the wiki, adherence to policies and guidelines, belief in the veracity of your edits, avoidance of gaming the system, and other good-faith behavior.


Be patient with new users. Fandom has over hundreds of thousand of wikis, a lot of them with their own set of rules and customs. While new users are encouraged to immediately familiarize them with ABC Wiki policies and customs, it may take them a while to truly grasp the wiki's culture and rules. Despite possible initial undesired behavior, they may may nonetheless turn out to be valuable contributors. Take the time to guide and teach them, rather than condemn them on first mistakes.

New users most likely contribute based on behavior that they know, possibly from other wikis of platforms on the internet, and that is deemed appropriate by them. Unless obvious evidence stating otherwise, a new users misbehaving should be attributed to unawareness or misunderstanding of ABC Wiki culture.

It is also not uncommon for a new user to question a particular wiki practice they may not be familiar with in favor of practices they know. In order for a wiki to keep growing, it is important to keep an open mind to these suggestions, as sometimes a pair of fresh eyes may be able to immediately spot a flaw in the system that more seasoned users have glossed over.


When dealing with possible copyright violations, good faith means assuming that editors intend to comply with site policy and the law. That is different from assuming they have actually complied with either. Editors have a proactive obligation to document image uploads, etc. and material may be deleted if the documentation is incorrect or inadequate. Good faith corrective action includes informing editors of problems and helping them improve their practices.

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