A.k.a. Pablo

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a.k.a. Pablo is an ABC Kids sitcom series created by Norman Lear (who also executively produced the show) & Rick Mitz, starring Paul Rodriguez in the lead role.

The series aired from March 6, 1984 to April 10, 1984, lasting for one season & 6 episodes.


The series centered on Paul Rivera, a struggling Hispanic stand-up comic and his large Mexican-American family,


  • Paul Rodriguez Sr. as "Paul" Pablo Rivera
  • Joe Santos as Domingo Rivera
  • Katy Jurado as Rosa Maria Rivera
  • Alma Cuervo as Sylvia Rivera
  • Martha Velez as Lucia Rivera Del Gato
  • Arnaldo Santana as Hector Del Gato
  • Bert Rosario as Manuel Rivera
  • Maria Richwine as Carmen Rivera
  • Hector Elizondo as José Sanchez/Shapiro
  • Edie Marie Rubio as Linda Rivera
  • Antonio Torres as Nicholas Rivera
  • Claudia Gonzales as Anna Maria Del Gato
  • Martha Gonzales as Susana Del Gato
  • Mario Lopez as Tomas Del Gato
  • Beto Lovato as Mario Del Gato
  • Michelle Smith as Elena Del Gato
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