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A.E.S. Hudson Street is an ABC network medical sitcom series created by Danny Arnold, Tony Sheeman & Chris Hayward.

The show aired from March 16 to April 20, 1978 after five episodes aired. A remake of the show "Stat" aired in 1991, but only lasted for six episodes.


The series followed the antics of the staff of a run-down Adult Emergency Service hospital on Hudson Street (located on the lower west side of Manhattan, New York).


  • Gregory Sierra as Dr. Tony Menzies
  • Bill Cort as Dr. Jerry Meckler
  • Rosanna DeSoto as Nurse Rosa Santiago
  • Ralph Manza as Ambulance Aide Stanke
  • Allan Miller as Dr. Glick
  • Susan Peretz as Foshko
  • Barrie Youngfellow as Dr. Gloria Manners
  • Ray Stewart as Nurse Newton
  • Stefan Gierasch as J. Powell Karbow
  • Bob Dishy as Dr. Friedman
  • Julienne Wells as Nurse Rhonda Todd



The series pilot for "A.E.S. Hudson Street" aired on July 21, 1977, with F. Murray Abraham starring as Dr. Tony Menzies.

When the five series episodes were filmed, only Bob Dishy and Ray Stewart remained from the original cast and all of the other characters were either dropped or re-cast.